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There is little margin for error in the e-Business marketplace. You need expert guidance and a reliable end -to- end solution that will give your business a real edge on your competition. When ARC PC,started business in 1996, our customers had very different needs. We have changed our business model to stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep up with your changing needs. We can deliver an end-to-end solution based on your needs. Arc PC, is an Intel Premier Provider. This program is Intel’s way of identifying, qualifying and recommending a company that will deliver to your company a quality solution. Arc PC, must recertify on a yearly basis in order to maintain our certification with Intel. What does this mean to you as a customer? You can feel confident that we are up to date on all the latest technology within the industry. Arc PC, is a complete service provider, this means that if you choose us to build your technology infrastructure you can be sure that with one phone call we can answer all of your questions. We do cabling, network backbone including all network connectivity devices such as hubs and switches, high and medium level servers, desktops, and will send one of our certified technicians to configure your network. One of the other services we provide is to provide high end machine for Graphic Designers, Motion Pictures, editors and sound directors..

Services we offer!!


Connectivity Inc. is a physical layer network integrator. What this means is that we deal with customer requirements at the lower three layers of the International Standards Organization (ISO) model, including;

Bridged WAN
Routed WAN
Fiber Optics

We understand that the most sophisticated networks will not function properly or reliably if the physical layer network is improperly installed. We have dedicated ourselves to meet this challenge and have helped many organizations to function at the highest level. These customers come back to us ... time after time because no one is better at what we do!

Quality Control.

Pre-installation. Verification. In-process inspection. Cable testing. Final inspection. Certification. These steps are carried out by our own staff of trained and experienced people who guarantee the end user the highest possible quality network, always exceeding the original design specifications. Our Quality Assurance System continually monitors our performance and keeps us on our toes.

Project Management.

Each of our projects has a dedicated manager who ensures that the process of installing your system is completed on time...without cost overruns. The project manager coordinates, focuses and orchestrates all resources toward the successful testing of your network. During weekly "focus" meetings, the project manager will inform you of the project's status. In addition, the project manager's efforts are supported by a regional vice president.

Certified Engineers & Technicians.

Our design engineers and installation technicians maintain technical skills through our own training seminars. In addition, they achieve industry certification through programs such as BICSI's RCDD program; vendor structured cabling system certification programs such as AMP, ITT, and MOD TAP; and technology training programs hosted by 3COM, CHIPCOM, NSC, ACC, and other leading equipment suppliers.

Approach to Successful Installations.

We provide a turnkey approach to network installation. From beginning to final test, your system is built in a structured way, developed over hundreds of successful installations. Each step of your project has a distinct set of objectives all designed to meet your specific requirements.


Our planning process includes:

· Determining your organization's objectives and network goals
· Examining installed applications and systems
· Identifying communications requirements (voice, data, video, etc.)
· Reviewing the physical plant configuration
· Determining performance, reliability and security requirements
· Studying network topology
· Forecasting future needs

Design & Layout.

After the planning process is complete, the physical layer cable plant is specified and detailed. This includes:

· Network topologies
· Cable routing and lengths
· Materials
· Bridges, routers, gateways, and LAN hardware
· Test procedures
· CAD drawings


The network is installed to specification by our own trained installers who install the cable plant, complete connections, and integrate active electronics to our rigid standards.

Testing & Certification.

Our quality assurance technicians use state-of- the-art equipment to certify your network. Test equipment includes the latest fiber and copper cable testing. We conduct every test possible with hard copy results provided to you for your records. We make certain that your network complies with:

· Design and layout specifications
· Network installation standards
· Local, state and federal codes

Upon completion of the certification testing, we issue our guarantee that the network is capable of meeting the design requirements. Some of the equipment we use includes:

· Time domain reflectometers
· Optical time domain reflectometers
· Optical power and source meters
· Continuity testers
· Polarity testers
· IBM cable plant testers
· BICC IsoLan test units (Ethernet stimulation)
· Ring scanners (token ring stimulation)
· NEXT scanners
· AZURE LAN Pharoh LAN analyzer

Warranty & Guarantee.

Our warranty and guarantee programs are the final steps to ensure your satisfaction. We provide the most extensive warranty and guarantee programs in the industry.


Types of Projects.

Fiber to desktop.

The thirst for bandwidth is a critical need for many clients...particularly for "mission critical" workstations. Many of our clients have benefited significantly by adding fiber to the desktop... thought by many to be out of financial reach, Connectivity offers price competitive solutions, TODAY.

Campus backbone.

Much of today's business is conducted on sprawling campuses housing different disciplines, each with varying data protocol needs. We have the breadth of experience to solve these problems. We integrate existing token rings, Ethernet, and FDDI. We develop strategies to support ATM, 100BaseT, and other emerging technologies.

No obstacle too tough.

Every physical obstacle is overcome with cost effective solutions on any media from copper to fiber optics to the wireless technologies including infrared, laser, RF and spread spectrum. We provide underground and aerial installations, construction of communications towers, and of course, inside installation, and all the while preserving the architectural and aesthetic quality of your facility.

Enterprise networks.

Connectivity, Inc. integrates the physical data highways of the enterprise into an efficient multilane data transport system combining local area networks, branch office networks, metropolitan area networks, and telecommuters over wide area networks.

The solution.